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*online tutorial is approximately 43 minutes long



It’s online tutorial only for advanced in lip injections aesthetic practicioners.



Please purchase using your own bank account details as diplomas
are sent only with the name showing on our account to your email (printing version only).
We require minimum 1 photo of your work – velvet technique only.
Please sent via email or DM on instagram @VelvetAestheticsUK.
Only proof of your work guarantee diploma of participante in our online tutorial. Our Signature Velvet Lips/Russian Lips – Advanced Injecting Technique tutorial demonstrates an advanced needle technique (it’s 43mins long tutorial inc. Step by step graphic scheme and one demo model presented on M-shaped lips).

It’s perfect technique for all types of (natural) lips to achieve the best results.

I have created this technique having attended and completed almost 30 training courses with the TOP World Aesthetic Practicioners & Doctors.



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